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The made up boy ● 2nd

Title: The made up boy

Author: babycloudy
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun, bestfriend!Yesung/Siwon, parents!Hankyun/girl!Heechul, parents!Kangin/girl!Leeteuk, slight!Eunhyuk/Donghae.
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Gender switch for Heechul and Leeteuk || Badly grammatical errors.
Disclaimer: The idea was from my sister's keeper, but most of all this plot is my own ^^
Summary: He was made to be used, to be controlled, to be nothing.

☁ ☁ ☁

New school year has begun.
New uniform, new bag, new shoes, new books, new friends, new teachers, new learning system, everything just seem to be new and change.
But for Jongwoon its all stayed the same, only this time Siwon is not by his side anymore.

His new friends has been gathered and found their new groups, not like him.

Until this one person, no three people come out which getting the whole attention from the students. He came with a cheerful aura surrounding him and his two best friends behind him has more cheerfulness in their faces.

The first boy, he walked on the right side has a blonde hair and bangs that closed his half eye, he really has a sweet smile.
The one that walked on the left side is a brown haired boy that use a pink hat with 'X' One Piece symbol in it. He shows his gums wherever he smiled, but still it's a perfect smile.
The last boy, the centered one. He doesn't showed up his smile, but he has his own charisma, with a shoulder-length dark brown hair, and bangs that only before his eyebrows.

Those three boys tried to find the empty chairs which is in the back of the class besides Jongwoon. They were arguing for some moment, Jongwoon knows it was because none of them want to sit beside Jongwoon. So Jongwoon acted like he didn't hear any of it and just continue staring to the window with an empty stare.

Jongwoon feels that the three of them finally quiet means they already made a decision, but Jongwoon didn't care which one will be his seat mate until he feels someone pats his shoulder.

Jongwoon turned, "Hey, I'm Kyuhyun, who are you?"
Jongwoon looked at the boy who's named Kyuhyun, "Do you want, no, do you need to know?"
Kyuhyun frowned, "Of course! I'm your seat mate, I need to know your name."
"You become my seat mate because you were loose on the rock-paper-scissor game with your friend. I guess, you don't need to know me." Jongwoon answered and back looking to the window which makes Kyuhyun staring at Jongwoon, too shocked with what he just heard, while the other two friends of Kyuhyun are just laughing.

☁ ☁ ☁

Days passed.
If many authors or movies that shows about someone being popular in school, so that's what happen.
Kyuhyun and his two best friends which lately known by EunHae couple are those popular boys.

They were known as high-class boys with a smart brain and huge other talents.
Like Kyuhyun that has his beautiful-sleeping-bass voice, or Eunhyuk that has a talent as a rapper and school's DJ, or Donghae which has a beautiful movements when he danced.
Not only girls that fall over them, but also boys, boys!!

No wonder their seats always filled by crowded, which actually made Jongwoon a little bit uncomfortable, but remembering that those people doesn't even notice he was there, so he just shrug it off.

Jongwoon isn't a boy that include in that popular category.
He is known as the best grades in academics, but its not enough to made him to be noticed like the other three.
Jongwoon never go to the singing class.
Jongwoon never go to the exercise class.
Jongwoon never join any other activities.
He just do his academic subjects and he will gone in his own world. Actually, it's all not because he don't want but more to he can't.

Not many people tried to approach him, they don't even give a try.
They have been affected by the dark aura of Jongwoon and finally they made their own assumptions about Jongwoon.
For the worst information, its all bad assumptions, none of them were good.

If Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, and Donghae were known as a popular boys who are loved my most people, then Jongwoon is the opposite.
Too many gossips and bad rumors about him that spread around the school.

But Jongwoon didn't, doesn't, and never care.

☁ ☁ ☁

"Argh!! Those fanatics really disturb me!!!" Kyuhyun groaned in annoyance. He doesn't have his own privacy because of those fans of his.
Eunhyuk and Donghae just laughed over him, "That's cool, right?"

Kyuhyun snorted, "Cool my ass! Because two of you are together, you don't have to face any girls or gay guys that confessing to you every single day, minutes should I say?!!"
Eunhyuk patted Kyuhyun's shoulder lightly, "That's why! Why don't you pick one girl, no, one guy to be your boyfriend? I know you're not into girls, so yeah~ pick one guy!"

"But I can't! They will know I used them later on, they will beat me up!" Kyuhyun signed just like an old people.
Then silence took over them, "Ah, I have an idea, do you wanna hear?" Donghae asked which made Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk sending him curious glances.

☁ ☁ ☁

"Good moring, Jongwoon..." Kyuhyun greeted and sit beside Jongwoon.

Jongwoon always wondering, Kyuhyun always greet him every morning or when they made up somewhere in the school. Does Kyuhyun didn't get scared with all the rumor spreading about Jongwoon?. When Kyuhyun greeted Jongwoon every single morning, Jongwoon never replied, he just too scared. Remembering all those things Jongwoon feel guilty, maybe replying Kyuhyun's simple greet wouldn't do any harm, "Morning, Kyuhyun..."

Kyuhyun shocked and stared at Jongwoon for a long, like really long time, "D...did you just greet me back?" Kyuhyun asked while pointing to his own self with a big eyes still staring at Jongwoon.
Jongwoon wants to laughed by Kyuhyun act, but he didn't, "Yes, something wrong?"
Kyuhyun who's finally regained his consciousness put his arm around Jongwoon's shoulder, "No no! I just don't believe you will greet me back!"

Jongwoon nodded, but still, he doesn't feel comfortable with Kyuhyun's arm in his shoulder, "Yes I greet you back, but can you remove your hand?"
Kyuhyun throw a guilty looks, "Oh, sorry. You're not comfortable with that?" and Jongwoon nodded.
"Is this mean, we are friends now?" Kyuhyun asked.
Jongwoon confused, "You are my seat mate and we are in the same class. Of course you are my friends, all of them are my friends."
Kyuhyun shook his head, "No, no. Yes, they are our friends, but I mean, close friend. Can I be your close friend?"

Jongwoon started to frown, "You have Eunhyuk and Donghae, why you want to be my close friend?"
Kyuhyun smiled, 'I don't know you are cute when you frowning with that confused face.' "Just, can I? Why do I need reason anyway?"

Suddenly Jongwoon remembered about Siwon, his best friend which made his face turns to be sad, and Kyuhyun noticed, "If you don't want, I'm okay."

It has been three months has passed, but Jongwoon doesn't have any friend. Usually, Siwon will be there for him, with him, but not this time. He also wants a friend, "No, I just remember my very best friend. Yes, you can be my close friend."

Kyuhyun think for a moment, "Just be my boyfriend."
Jongwoon stared at Kyuhyun incredulously, "What is this? At first close friend, why now become boyfriend?"
Kyuhyun closed his eyes and put his evil smirk in his lips, "Well, I like you since the first." then Kyuhyun opened his eyes and looked at Jongwoon with a serious stare, "Be my boyfriend!"

Jongwoon just blinking his eyes, doesn't know what to say, and Kyuhyun smiled, "I take it as a yes!" and Jongwoon only hopelessly nodded, maybe trying to has a boyfriend with Kyuhyun will be okay. Kyuhyun throw his sweetest smiled to Jongwoon, "Okay, today I will send you home."

Jongwoon's eyes opened wide, "NO!" he shouted that made Kyuhyun shocked, almost fall from his seat.
Jongwoon tried to calm his self, "I...I mean, you don't have to send me home. I'm okay by my self."
Kyuhyun only nodded, confused but still shocked, "O...okay..."

to be continued >>>

A/N: Oh, I think the plot is too fast, isn't it? I'm sorry.... but really, I'm just an amateur ;~; I'm sorry too if you don't understand where this story will be going, I'm bad at describing things (plus my English is just, sigh), so I'm really sorry. I hope I can do better for the next chapters. Please kindly give comments to support me, okay? But, if you don't I'm okay too ^o^

Tags: baby donghae, baby eunhyuk, baby kyuhyun, baby siwon, baby yesung
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