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Friend Locked-

Hello there!
Babycloudy is locking most of the entries

currently not accepting any friend request(s)

Who am I?
I am Baby. Guess for my age. A full-time college student.

Fan-girling do?
In this journal you will mostly find my amateur written fan-fictions, some were beta-ed and some were not. I also do some amateur doodling and photographing

I am an intermediate pianist but professional online-rs - open 24/7 lol.

Super Junior - addict. Super Junior YESUNG extreme biased. Yesung/Siwon and Yesung/Kyuhyun hard defender. I love anime, manga, music, traveling, gadgets, piano, watching, reading comics and novels.

Writing style?
I'm sure you will know my writing style once you have read my fan-fictions. I can only write about Super Junior when Jongwoon become one of the main characters

How often do I write?
Depends on my mood. I have bunch of ideas, which I usually wrote it on my phone, but most of them left unfinished. I could update very often but this account of mine could be silent journal for.........................

How to be my Live Journal friend?
I will not ask you to filling any form or sort of things, but please let me know (comments below)Why you want me to add you? Since I don't want random people just adding me and I will add you back while I'm online ^^If you do want to introduce your self - in your own way, you are most welcome. I usually prefer to add back rather to add someone that's not adding me :P (currently not accepting any friend request)

What you could gladly do after being my Live Journal friend?
Please do comments in my journal that you have read once I have added you back; I receive every critics and praises. If I'm not receiving any comments after I add you, I will assume that your account has been deactivated and will remove you from my friend list. THANK YOU ^^


Just to make it easier for you to look up my journal entries:
updated: 2012 February 28 | last updated: 2013 December 25


Bus Canvas
Jongwoon; Siwon | Romance; Fluff; Angst, PG
Writing in the bus isn't that bad...

I sing; You smile
Adopted from manga: Because You Smile
Yesung; Kyuhyun | Romance; Fluff; Angst, PG-13
He try to make a song which can make him smile...

Kyusung moments
Yesung; Kyuhyun; Sungmin; Siwon | Romance; Fluff, PG
Kyuhyun needs more KyuSung moment.

Yesung; Kyuhyun; Siwon; Sungmin; Eunhyuk; Donghae | Angst, PG, 3,164 words | Character death
His simple small hope is watching the fireworks with his lover

Second fireworks…
Sequel of: Fireworks…
Yesung; Kyuhyun | Angst; Romance; Fluff, PG, 3312 words | Character death
A new day, moving forward without regret

Brother; Step-brother
with the unconscious powerful force from [info]eemychang
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun; Siwon | Bromance; Angst; Fluff, PG-13, 8,088 words | Violence
Between the brother and the step-brother

Inspired from a combination of Yesung's with Lee Seo Jun's (July Project) - The Greatest Story All Over The World lyrics and Kyuhyun's with Yoo Jong Shin's (November Project) - Late Autumn lyrics.
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun | Romance; Angst, G, 759 words | Character death
The greatest story from the world on Autumn

Adopted from manga: Chomaru
Siwon; Jongwoon | Romance, PG-15, 2,115 words
Siwon's memory about Jongwoon

His now
Sequel of: Memory | Adopted from manga: Chomaru by Yuuya.
Jongwoon; Siwon; Kyuhyun | Romance; Fluff, PG-13, 2,525 words
Siwon was confused by Jongwoon's past.

Jongwoon; Kyuhyun; Siwon | Bromance; Fluff, G, 2,358 words
loving the snow, loving the hyung, loving the dongsaeng.

Jongwoon; Siwon | Angst; Romance; Fluff, PG, 945 words | Character death
He remembers when...

Story of a Day
Event: 13/04 Kyuhyun/Yesung Day
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun | Romance; Fluff, PG, 2,590 words
Only a one day story of Kyuhyun and Jongwoon

Move On
Jongwoon; Siwon; Kyuhyun; Eunhyuk; Donghae | Romance; Mild-angst; Fluff, PG-15, 5,160 words | Character death
He needs to move on

Yesung; Eunhyuk; Donghae; Siwon; Kyuhyun | Bromance; Angst, PG-13, 3,283 words | Character death
Nightmare could kills

Love Is
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun | Romance; Fluff, G, 908 words
Jongwoon's description about love

Jongwoon; Siwon; Kyuhyun | Romance; Mild-angst; Fluff, PG, 4,233 words
When the faith are all vanished

Dream Sand
Event: Christmas | Rise of The Guardians AU | Inspired by CaramelBread
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun; Ryeowook; Siwon; Kangin | Drabble; Crack; Fluff, G, 850 words
They want to help. Rejected. Sleep, then…?

Two-shots or Chapters — End

※ The Made Up Boy
Yesung; Kyuhyun; Siwon; Heechul; Hankyung; Kangin; Leeteuk | Angst, Family
He was made to be used, to be controlled, to be nothing.
 → 01                    → 06
 → 02                    → 07
 → 03                    → 08
 → 04                    → 09
 → 05                   → 10

※ Forgetting
Yesung; Donghae; Siwon; Kyuhyun | Fluff; Angst
He is forgetting
 → 1st                  → 3rd
 → 2nd                  → 4th

※ Reminiscence of Life
Kyuhyun; Jongwoon | Romance; Fluff
How they met?
1st                  → 2nd

※ The Moonlight Sonata
Siwon; Jongwoon | Angst; Romance
My life is a reflection of The Moonlight Sonata
  → 1st                  → 2nd

Comic or Macro

Yesung/Kyuhyun; slight!Donghae; Eunhyuk; Siwon | Romance, G, Contains of 38 pictures
Kyuhyun is too protective

drabble FF (halloween ed.) :: When YESUNG trying to be scary
Yesung-centric; Donghae; Shindong | Fluff, G, Contains of
When YESUNG trying to be scary

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