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Forgetting ● 1st

Title: Forgetting
Author: babycloudy
Chapter: 1/3 ーcan be change
Pairings: Yesung/Donghae, Yesung/Siwon, Yesung/Kyuhyun—later
Genre: Fluff ーwill be change
Rating: PG
Warning: Donghae - Siwon : same age as Yesung♮Kyuhyun : older || Grammatical errors ーwill be added
Disclaimer: Not own the boys
Summary: He is forgetting


He always been alone. He was weird.

He couldn't get along with the other kids in his age.
He keep him self in the corner of the class, keep playing with his toys, or his turtle pet, or drowning in his own dream land.
Out from any social activities.

But one day, there is this boy.
The yellow bright haired boy with his cheerful smile.
He is moved to the kindergarten school where this weird boy is.
He is loved by all the teachers and friends, even that was his first day of school.

He approached him, "Hello!!"
The boy didn't answer, he keep playing with the shit plushies in his hand.
"Hello. My name is Donghae. I'm new here, may I know your name?" the new boy asked again, doesn't want to give up.

Suddenly the other friend shouted, "Donghae! Just let him be alone. He is a weird boy."
Donghae turned around, "Who is his name?" he asks that other friend.
"Jongwoon." the friend answered.

Then Donghae turned his face back towards Jongwoon, "Hi Jongwoon! My name is Donghae! Your shit plushies is cute!" he said, but then he found something moving near Jongwoon, "Oh! Is that turtles?! So cute!!!!!!"

That's when Jongwoon looks up, 
" think's cute?" Jongwoon asked shutters.
Donghae's smile got wider as he could hear the boy voice, "Yes!! It's so cute!!!" Donghae shouted and took one of the turtle, "Is this yours? Do they have a name?"

Jongwoon nodded, "Ddangkoma...tha..that one is D...Ddangkoming...and...and...Ddangko..Ddangkomaeng..." Jongwoon answered while pointing to the each turtles he is referring to.
"Woah! Cute name too!! Can I play with them and with you too?" Donghae asked.
Jongwoon feels hesistant at first but finally he smiled and nodded, "Ow!! Your smile is cute too!!!" Donghae pinched Jongwoon's cheek.
"Friend?" Donghae asked and held up his hand and Jongwoon smiled, happy.


"Jongwoon! Meet my new friend, Siwon."
Jongwoon is back to his scared self. He never make a new friend except Donghae.
"Siwon, this is my best friend, Jongwoon." Donghae said.

He is tall, like really tall compare to Jongwoon it self. He has the best dimple smile ever.
"Hello, Jongwoon." the Siwon guy greet.
Jongwoon keep looking down, just like what he will do when some stranger approach him.

"Jongwoon, come on. He don't bite." Donghae amused.
Siwon saw something that Jongwoon keep in his chest, "Is that a sketch book?"

Donghae nodded anthusiastic, "Oh you know Siwon, Jongwoon's sketches are really good!! You should see!!" Donghae said while grabbing the sketch book from Jongwoon's embrace.

But Jongwoon tighten his arms, he never get any praises from the people except Donghae. The one that he always got is laugh or something that made his self esteem going down or at least made him looks like a fool. So, he is pretty sure that Donghae praised him only to make him self happy, lying.

"Oh come on! I want Siwon knows about your skills!" Donghae said still trying to get the sketch book, but Jongwoon keep in silence and not letting it go.

Donghae give the full strength in his hand and finally he is able to pull up Jongwoon's sketch book. Donghae smiled in satisfaction and start opening the page. Donghae give it to Siwon and Siwon just amazed by what he saw, "This is amazing." Siwon said and opening one page and another.

That's when Jongwoon looks up,
" just...turtles..." Jongwoon stammers.
Siwon nodded still in amazement, "Turtles, dogs, clouds, leaves, trees, bugs, but its all amazing! To be honest, I'm sure you can publish it in blog or something." Siwon said sincere.

"'s good?" Jongwoon shutters.
"Of course!! How come it's not? It's not like everybody can do it." Siwon said.
"See! I'm not lying about your talent, Jongwoon. Now, can he be our friends?" Donghae asked.
Siwon smiled and hung up his hand, "Friends?"

And once again Jongwoon smile, happy for getting a new friend.
"You're cute..." Siwon mumbled unconsciously.
Jongwoon didn't hear it, but Donghae did and grinned, "I know, he's cute!" that makes Siwon blushed.


They are inseparable.
It has been seventeen years after Donghae and Jongwoon met and it has been one year after Siwon and Jongwoon met.

Siwon couldn't resist anymore.
Jongwoon is far too cute for his own liking.
He can't resists to hug Jongwoon, to kiss, to touch Jongwoon like there is no tomorrow.

"Why are you bring me here without Donghae?" Jongwoon confused.
"Jongwoon, I love you, do you wanna be my boyfriend?" Siwon asked feeling shy suddenly.
Jongwoon blinking his eyes thus made Siwon groaned, don't act cute if you gonna reject me!

Some minutes passed.
Siwon saw Jongwoon's cheeks turn out a shade of pink and looked down and Siwon suddenly think about cherry,
He looks like cherry. Oh my Siwon! Why suddenly you think about cherry?!!

"Okay." Jongwoon whispered and Siwon needs sometime to process.
Then Siwon grinned, "Really? Really? Can I?" and Jongwoon nodded makes Siwon jumped out and hugged Jongwoon tight.

Donghae grinned from ear to ear when he heard about SIwon and Jongwoon are together, "Siwon, you are sure move fast!" that makes Siwon blushed and Jongwoon laughed at his boyfriend cuteness.

They get along together. Spen time together and making much beautiful memories together.
Siwon, Jongwoon, Donghae.


Until one day, Jongwoon needs to spend his week in other city due to family reasons.
Siwon who actually already close with Jongwoon's family insist to join them, but Jongwoon refused.

"This is private family thing, Siwon." Jongwoon explained.
"Am I a stranger to you?" Siwon asked annoyed.
Jongwoon shook his head, "It's not what I mean. You're not a stranger, my parents love you too, but I just don't feel it will be good if I bring you to our big family things when they don't have any idea who you are."

"You can introduce me. It's not that hard." Siwon insisted.
"Why are you so persistent?" Jongwoon frowned.
Siwon shrugged, "Scared?"
Jongwoon raised his eyebrow, "But I'm only away for a week."
Siwon doesn't answer.

Jongwoon smiled and cupped Siwon's cheeks, "I'll be back. Don't worry, it's only a week. I will bring you my beloved grand mother cookies, its really tasty." and Siwon only sighed.


Jongwoon forgot to bring his cell phone, so once he's got in his grand mother house, he asked his mom to lend him her phone since his mom always keep calling somebody while they were in the car.

Siwon, I forgot to bring my cell phone. If you miss me, text or call here, this is my mom's phone. Love.
Not long after that, he got the reply
Okay. Take care and have fun. I miss you already. Love you.


Two days passed.

"Mom, does Siwon ever text or call you?" Jongwoon asked his mother.
His mother just keep in silence, too preoccupied of what she has been thinking of.
"Mom!!!" Jongwoon shouted this time and his mother startled, "Eh, what my dear?"

Jongwoon sighed, "Does Siwon ever text or call you?"
His mother shook his head lightly, "No." and Jongwoon sighed, again.


A week passed.

Jongwoon is happy.
He couldn't wait to be home. Run to his boyfriend's house. Hit him in the head due to not calling, texting him, and texting back or calling back for a week. Hug him. Kiss him. Finally say I miss you.

He gets home. He open one box and pulled out one big jar of his grand mother cookies. He bid farewell and run as fast as he could.

Run. Run. Run.
Doesn't matter he hit many people shoulders. Doesn't matter he breaks all the pedestrian traffic rules. Doesn't matter he doesn't cross the road when the traffic light is red. Doesn't matter he got many angry horns from cars or whatever it is.

His mind only have these things: Siwon and he, miss him.

to be continued ♩

A/N: I'm surely doesn't have any idea what am I writing about! I AM SORRY TAT
Need comments :D

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