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The made up boy ● 8th

Title: The made up boy
Author: babycloudy
Chapter: 8/9
Pairings: Yesung/Kyuhyun, bestfriend!Yesung/Siwon, parents!Hankyung/girl!Heechul, parents!Kangin/girl!Leeteuk
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Gender switch for Heechul & Leeteuk | Grammatical errors
Disclaimer: The idea was from my sister's keeper
Summary: He was made to be used. To be controlled. To be nothing

☁ ☁ ☁

After Heechul, Hankyung, Kangin, and Leeteuk were gone. Siwon and Kyuhyun went back to their house to pick up some important things like their clothes and some school notes. When all of this terrible things were happening it doesn't mean they should forget about their school.

Siwon and Kyuhyun will not go to school, but glad Siwon's friend always bring Siwon the school notes everyday while Eunhyuk and Donghae were doing the same for Kyuhyun. Heechul prepared one letter to explain Jongwoon, and Siwon absentees while Leeteuk prepared on letter to explain Kyuhyun and also for Siwon and Kyuhyun to do their regular tests in the hospital.

Jongwoon's condition were becoming some little issues in Jongwoon's and Kyuhyun's school. The teacher didn't understand the situation at all. What is the relationship between Jongwoon and Kyuhyun? Why suddenly there was this beautiful, high-class women named Heechul appeared in the school and said that she was Jongwoon's mother, so they should accept the Jongwoon's absenteeism letter?

As they know, Jongwoon doesn't have any parent. The one that paid and enrolled Jongwoon in the school was a professor that said that he was Jongwoon's guardian, not real parent. They were confused and with that they started to made their another-wrong-assumptions or rumor about Jongwoon, but at least now they have some good rumor and it all thanks for Heechul's appearance.

☁ ☁ ☁

It was almost two weeks and there was no big difference in Jongwoon's conditions, it stayed the same. Bad. His fever is stayed the same, he was still unconscious, his face still pale, and his body is still covered with sweats.

Kyuhyun and Siwon never left Jongwoon's side. They were always there: waiting and praying. Sometimes they helped the nurse to swept Jongwoon's sweat or changed his IV, even Siwon said, "I think we could be a doctor later on. We already in the practice." and Kyuhyun only nodded in amusement.

Siwon and Kyuhyun were trying to be as positive as possible, because really, what do they want to expect? Expect Jongwoon to die? Oh, of course not! It will be in their last list of hope even if the world is in its end.

Siwon finished his part of cleaning Jongwoon's left hand, he placed the towel back to the basket and took Jongwoon's arm in his, "I miss his warmth..." he mumbled.
Kyuhyun who was seating in the other side looked up to Siwon and proceed what just Siwon said then he sighed, "Me too..." and interviewed his hand with Jongwoon right hand.

"Don't you noticed it Kyu that he loves to bitting his nails?" Siwon asked and laughed softly when remember that cute side of Jongwoon.
Kyuhyun nodded, the smile also took place in his face, "I know. I really want to cut off that habit of him."
Then Siwon turned his gaze to look at Jongwoon's sweaty face, "Did you hear that? So me and Kyuhyun will cut that bad habit of yours later on. Be ready okay, Jongwoon." Siwon said and really wanted to get some little words from Jongwoon, but Jongwoon just stayed still.

"To be honest Siwon. It's killing me." Kyuhyun confessed, he tried to open up with Siwon.
"What?" Siwon asked back not understand.
"This guilty feeling...." Kyuhyun answered, then silent for a moment, "I still remember that I said that stupid things, but he smiled and told me his true feeling. And seeing him like this without a chance to even say sorry or anything, it just....." Kyuhyun couldn't express it. It just too difficult. The guilty feeling is really killing him. He was blaming him self and it becomes his daily nightmare.

Siwon on the other side just be a good listener. He didn't know what to said back. It was Kyuhyun's stupidity after all, why he should denied it in the first place? But Siwon also can't blamed Kyuhyun for that when Kyuhyun already feel too guilty for it. If Siwon blamed Kyuhyun again, it just made Kyuhyun depressed even more.

"Don't worry. When he said he loves you, it means he can't get mad at you."
Kyuhyun sighed, "Is that so? I feel more guilty then." he said and gave a dry laugh.
"I know it's killing you, but believe me your true heart is more than just enough. Sometimes people say they love but actually they don't, so it's better when you say you don't but you do." Siwon said trying to give some comfort for Kyuhyun. Siwon knew that Kyuhyun's love for Jongwoon is sincere, so Siwon couldn't get more grateful for Kyuhyun's feeling, at least there is this person who truly love his best friend.

"Anyway, can I ask you something?" Siwon asked and Kyuhyun nodded.
"How could you like him? I mean, you said that you like him since the first time."

Kyuhyun smiled, "I don't know either. You know, I have bunch of fans, lots, many, much, bunch! Boys, girls, old, young. Every people wants to be friend with me, so when I entered the class. Me, Donghae, and Eunhyuk saw this dark creature. There were no empty seats in other side of class except the three seats beside him. So, three of us use rock-scissor-paper to choose who will seat next to him, and it ended up become me. When I asked him about his name he suddenly stared at me with his cool stare and said..." Kyuhyun took a deep breath and preparing him self to imitate Jongwoon, "You become my seat mate because you were loose in the rock-paper-scissor game with your friend. I guess, you don't need to know me."

and Siwon laughed at Kyuhyun's imitation, "I don't know Jongwoon could be that sarcastic."
Kyuhyun shrugged, "But you know, I kind of realized the sadness in his voice and the hurt in his face which actually made me feel guilty on the spot. I heard many bad things about him around the school but he always alone and never talked about it even once, even when the students asked him directly. Suddenly I just had an urge to protect him, I was so curious about his life and smile, and I could help but thought that he was actually kind of cute because his face is so innocent when his mind were in somewhere else."

Siwon nodded, "He is cute, my mom fall in love with him when I brought him to our home at the first time."
Kyuhyun's shocked, "Really? My mom too!"
Siwon raised his eyebrow, "Wow..." he then laughed.
Kyuhyun also laughed and said to Jongwoon, "Jongwoon, I think you really have the talents to get people's heart." 

"How did you meet him anyway?" now it was Kyuhyun's turn to asked Siwon.
Siwon tried to remember, "I don't really remember. It just I went to the park near our house then I met him and we met up everyday at four in the evening, then it become our routine and that's it."
"Simple." Kyuhyun said and Siwon couldn't help but agree.

It become their daily routine, while looking at Jongwoon's endless sleep, Siwon and Kyuhyun talked about random things. They grow to be a buddies, get to know each other better and shared about what do they know about Jongwoon. Siwon and Kyuhyun starting to understanding each other. They build up a little new friendship wanting for Jongwoon to wake up and suddenly smiled at them and said that he love it when his best friend and boyfriend get along together.

But, Jongwoon stayed still.

☁ ☁ ☁

That night they were disturbed. They slowly opened their sleepy eyes and when they saw the chaotic situation, their eyes were wide open, suddenly all the sleepiness were gone.

"His blood pressure was bottoming, doc!"
"I can see that."
"He's got arrhythmia, he's going to arrest, doc!"

The thing that they could see was only the doctor and some nurses were busy with their own stuffs with all the wires and medical equipments they were trying to grab to get Jongwoon doesn't loose his life for the nth-time.

The doctor looked at the frozen Kyuhyun and Siwon, then he sighed, "He's okay."
Kyuhyun frowned, "What the hell you said he's okay when what? I think I heard arrest before!" Kyuhyun was panicking.
"He's got internal bleeding before due to his kidney complication and the needles thing in his hip, but he is okay now even though his pulse is still weak." the doctor tried to keep calm, he has been trough the time like this in so many times, when the patient was not in the good state and the colleagues were panicking.

☁ ☁ ☁

Each day had passed. It seems like Siwon and Kyuhyun never heard any good news for once, the only thing they saw and heard was getting worse and worse and worse.

They saw the doctor keep on adding wires to be attached in Jongwoon's body. They saw the nurse keep on adding the medicines and come to their room more and more and more regularly.

That word was never bring anything good for Jongwoon's state. His fever never getting down that made his body keep on producing the unhealthy sweat and made his lungs didn't do the work properly. He was hardly breathing even when he still has the oxygen mask to help him breathing. In the end, he got pneumonia which is not making him better at all. 

Jongwoon never opened his eyes, not even once. Siwon and Kyuhyun keep on their positive thoughts, but what will you do when you keep on hearing the bad news each passing days? and that made them scared. Scared for everything that will happen next. They really want to predict but it will make them more paranoid.

Heechul and Leeteuk sometimes just called them to asked about Jongwoon's condition, but neither of Siwon nor Kyuhyun tell the truth. They just want their parents to keep on focusing on Jongwoon's case. They know it is wrong, but they really want at least they have a good thing for Jongwoon to tell if Jongwoon start opening his eyes.

Until in that faithful day. Kyuhyun and Siwon did their usual routine. Siwon wiped Jongwoon's left hand with a warm towel while Kyuhyun wiped Jongwoon's right hand. Suddenly Siwon noticed a little movement of the hand he was holding and he looked to Jongwoon's face, hoping.

"Jongwoon..." Siwon called, a smile coming up in his face.
Kyuhyun stopped what he was doing then looked up to Jongwoon's face.

"W...wh...where?" Jongwoon's voice was come only a whisper.
"You're in the hospital." Siwon answered, then put his cool hand into Jongwoon's warm forehead which making Jongwoon sighed in comfort.

"Finally you awake. It has been a long time...." Kyuhyun said. His heart was beating so fast, he was just glad finally he could see that chocolate brown eyes of his boyfriend. He just missed him so so badly.

"" Jongwoon asked that made Siwon and Kyuhyun furrowed their eyebrows.
"You know Jongwoon. Our parents sued him. He was a freak professor." Siwon answered again.

"Jongwoonah, fight this okay? You should be okay, so we can go home..." Kyuhyun said almost begging and squeezed Jongwoon's right hand softly.

Jongwoon tried to look up to Kyuhyun's face and Kyuhyun held his breath.
Jongwoon's face was so pale, so innocent yet so sick.

Kyuhyun and Siwon have never been a guy with tears, but at that time one thing that they really wanna do is crying here and there. They just can't stand it, remembering all those painful things Jongwoon had been trough but still none of it could made Jongwoon look like this lifeless, even Siwon never saw Jongwoon as hopeless as this, it just Jongwoon looked like he could die anytime soon.

Jongwoon tried hard to found his breath and shook his head lightly, "D...don't...w...nna...g...go...h...home....ti...tired..." he managed to mumble everything he wanna say.

Siwon and Kyuhyun hardly shook their head, "You can sleep but you should fight this okay...please Jongwoon, please." Siwon begged.
"Yes Jongwoon, you can fight this. I love you, I really love you. So, please Jongwoon...." Kyuhyun pleaded with tears staining his good looking face. He doesn't even know that he could cry like that until this time.

Jongwoon smiled a little and closed his eyes, suddenly he feels so tired, really tired, " you...too..." he mumbled and everything just come in the fast movements.

When the CPR behind Jongwoon's bed sounded too loud to let everyone noticed the horizontal line that forming in the monitor. When the doctor and nurses were running as fast as they could and filled up the rooms with some energetic-chaotic-fast movements. When suddenly Siwon and Kyuhyun was pushed outside and finally left alone on their own.

Their legs feel weak, they can't even stand on their own anymore. Jongwoon just opened his eye, he just talked to them, only for some minutes, but why must be so sudden?

Siwon grabbed his hair and grasped it so tight.

Jongwoon...our parents are still fighting for you too...please not now...

Kyuhyun can't believe it, he doesn't want to believe. He just said I love you and he just heard Jongwoon said it back.

I know I was stupid before, you can angry or do anything you want, but don't do this..please Jongwoon, don't do this...

Their hope is just a simple sentences but yet so complicated

No Jongwoon...please...

to be continued » » »

A/N: I really don't have any idea what to write. I'm really sorry T^T
That bitting nail thing was inspired when Yesung said that Kyuhyun is the one who always running towards him if he wants to bit his nail, and it just so sweet >wwwwwww< *squeal*
I really want to say thanks for sujulovenl for being a really good companion and also lulufeca for always giving me an inspiring plot to continue my fic, but I want to say sorry also because I can't really give you both the best ;~; *feel hopeless* anyway thank you for other commentators and readers too, your presence really means a lot 

I used to have a class but I really don't know, they said that today is Queen's birthday so we have a public holiday, but they also said that Monday we also don't have any class because of Queen's birthday, so I don't really get it when the Queen's birthday is as long I don't have any class 8DDD So today, I tried really hard to write this but it turns out to be this bad, I'm so sorry ;A;

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