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Daily Love; Daily Life | Grocery Shopping

Title: Daily Love; Daily Life
Chapter: 04. Grocery Shopping
Author: babycloudy
Inspired by: Puuung grafolio illustration
Characters: Jongwoon; Kyuhyun
Genres: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life - might changes as chapter goes
Rating: PG
Words: 1,640
Summary: A grocery shopping could never end bad
Disclaimer: Not beta-ed. All errors are mine.

Grocery Shopping-

Kyuhyun cleaned up the dishes while Jongwoon wiped up the dining table. The entire food that was served got nothing to spare. Once Kyuhyun done cleaning up the dishes, he jogged to the living area and threw himself on top of the cottony coach, and a long contented sigh escaped his lips while muttered, “My life is great.”

Not too long afterwards, Jongwoon, who trailed Kyuhyun, stood gracefully near Kyuhyun and send him a frown, “You are not supposed to sleep right after you finished your food, Kyu.”

Kyuhyun pouted and turned his head so that he looked at the coach instead of Jongwoon’s face, “Don’t care.” Jongwoon felt a twitch on his brows. Kyuhyun is an adult. He is handsome and clever; he is the great, respected and admired student association president. But no, for Jongwoon, Kyuhyun is an annoying and spoiled brat. Jongwoon often wondered how Kyuhyun could be a master on acting outside the house. Jongwoon wanted to learn too!

“Why don’t we go for grocery shopping instead? We need to supply the fridge for dinner and the rest of the week.” Jongwoon advised, “And it’s better rather than you sleep right after lunch. It will make your tummy got bigger.” He added.

Kyuhyun’s right hand reached a pillow above his head and put it under his head, made himself more comfortable, “Nah, too lazy.” He turned his head once again, so now he faced Jongwoon, “You can go by yourself, right?” and grinned.

The black haired guy sighed desperately when he saw no response from the latter. He attempted to hauled Kyuhyun’s shoulder, to put him in sit up position instead of sleeping, “Seriously Kyuhyun, sit up! And if you don’t want to go grocery shopping with me, then fine, no home meals for you until you buy the ingredients!”

Kyuhyun gave up and finally sat up, nevertheless he smirked, “If you don’t cook, you will not eat too, Jongwoon.” And Jongwoon sneered back, “I’m not stupid. Of course I will buy my own ingredients and I will cook for myself.”

Living together for nearly seven years always brought people to understand each other better. That was why Jongwoon knew Kyuhyun certainly well. Kyuhyun loves homemade food, especially Jongwoon’s. So, Jongwoon couldn’t be happier to saw the smirk that Kyuhyun gave the older man was wiped out from his face in a jiffy right after he heard Jongwoon’s statement. Jongwoon who often being mean to Kyuhyun, just because he wanted Kyuhyun not to be a spoiled kid, marched away from Kyuhyun and went to his desk.

Jongwoon searched for a bus card and wallet before he grabbed his coat that was dangled nearby the bathroom. He took his keys and muffler that were located atop the shoe rack, and used his converse shoes before he shouted, “I’m going out!”

Kyuhyun who just came back to his senses, abruptly stood up. He tossed the pillow that he cuddled previously and ran. He threw all contains from his bag in his desk, not concerned how chaotic it would be. All the things including some the rubbish he unconsciously collected were scattered over the table. He looked for some thing, and once he found it, he snatched his wallet and bus card. No no no, the only word in Kyuhyun’s mind at that moment. Kyuhyun needs Jongwoon’s food after about a month he bare with eating out or takeout. The chocolate brown haired guy then hurried to use his coat and shoes before he dashed outside. “No, Jongwoon, wait!”

Kyuhyun dumbfounded as he saw Jongwoon stood in front of the house gate and grinned, “I know you’re going to follow me.”

Kyuhyun could sense his vein popped out, then bawled, “You big meanie! I need food!” Jongwoon ignored Kyuhyun’s cry and began walking to the bus stop, “Yeah yeah. You want to keep stand there?”

“No!” Kyuhyun fumed while jogged to make himself closer to Jongwoon, and then kept the same walking pace as the latter.

Grocery Shopping-

The chill that came from the freezers around was spreading throughout the store. Talks about which spinach looks the best, or how many cola do we need for party, or the expired dates of the cookies etcetera etcetera were caught around making the place somewhat noisy.

Jongwoon took a basket while Kyuhyun grabbed the trolley. Jongwoon placed the basket inside the trolley, to make it easy to separate the items between food supplies and daily necessities. The first shelf they saw was the all kinds of meats. Jongwoon considered all the meat and thought about the foods he wanted to cook for the rest of the week.

“Ah, I want a steak!” Kyuhyun spoke. Jongwoon eyed Kyuhyun slightly puzzled, “Steak? Beef steak?” Kyuhyun scanned around the meat and thought for a moment before replying, “You okay to cook chicken steak? I just feel I don’t want to eat beef this week.”

Jongwoon had never been cooking chicken steak. He should put ‘do searching or watch YouTube videos’ in his to-do list later, “I guess it’s alright. I need to do a little browsing first, though.”

Kyuhyun looked hopeful towards Jongwoon. Kyuhyun always wondered from where did Jongwoon got his cooking ability. Indeed, Jongwoon was left alone since he was five. All Jongwoon did was learning how to cook without burning down the house from Kyuhyun’s mother. Even Kyuhyun who practically also learned together with Jongwoon never been gifted enough to be able to cook anything besides ramen for himself. Well, that was probably why Kyuhyun’s mother doting Jongwoon a little bit more than her own child.

Jongwoon decision laid on lamb, chicken, and salmon. He chose the best meat, and put those meats into the trolley while Kyuhyun followed Jongwoon by pushing the trolley around. Then Jongwoon chose all other ingredients and vegetables that are needed.

Kyuhyun still drove the trolley around following Jongwoon, however he began to get bored, “Jongwoon, I’ll be going to the biscuit section.” Observing Kyuhyun, Jongwoon could briefly tell that Kyuhyun was pretty much bored, so he nodded, “Can you please grab a milk, apple juice, and coffee beans?” Kyuhyun nodded and memorizing what Jongwoon had just asked.

Just before Kyuhyun thrust the trolley over, Jongwoon added, “Oh, and please grab a toothpaste too.” Kyuhyun once again nodded and replied, “Roger. We meet near the cashier, aye?” without awaiting Jongwoon’s retort, the taller man directly made his way for the biscuits and juices sections.

Jongwoon didn’t need to wait too long for Kyuhyun to appear near the cashier area. He smiled when he saw the brunette with his trolley came near him. However, the smile curved down when he saw Kyuhyun started to ride the trolley. Really, how old is he?

Kyuhyun could read Jongwoon’s expression stated ‘Get off from the trolley!’ from afar. Still, Kyuhyun enjoyed teasing Jongwoon, to make him angry or annoyed. He didn’t know why, but he likes the attention he acquired from Jongwoon. Despite all the intimidations Jongwoon voiced, Kyuhyun was certain that the raven-haired man was never serious in his threats, and not ever extremely furious. So, he just continued riding the trolley and exposed a big toothy grin towards Jongwoon.

Well, karma did happen. Kyuhyun almost reached Jongwoon, yet the trolley decided that Kyuhyun was too heavy all of a sudden, and toppled back, brought down Kyuhyun as well as all the things that had been selected from the shelves. Some people were shocked, some were chuckled, some were ignoring them, and some started to help.

Jongwoon could feel his face heated up, from both embarrassment and annoyance. He wanted to be fuming at that moment, but he shouldn’t, or it would embarrass him and Kyuhyun further. Instead, he assisted Kyuhyun up and put their things back to the trolley while apologized and acknowledged the people around them that helped.

They put their groceries in the cashier counter – they were glad that the line wasn’t long – paid it, said thanks, and hurriedly went out.

Both of them walked in silence, but it wasn’t a comfortable one. Kyuhyun waited for Jongwoon’s burst, and looked like a kicked puppy, while for the first time Kyuhyun couldn’t took a guess at what Jongwoon was thinking.

When they reached the bus stop, they set the groceries plastic bags down and took a seat whilst waiting for the bus to come. There was no one in the bus stop, and that was where Jongwoon let out everything, “Are you a kid? Are you that stupid? Seriously Kyuhyun!”

Kyuhyun groaned and looked anywhere but Jongwoon, “I’m sorry okay? I didn’t plan it to happen.” Jongwoon opened his mouth but he shook his head instead, “If you plan it to happen, then you must be incredibly stupid.”

The atmosphere around them back to the intense silence afterwards, except to Kyuhyun surprised, he heard a loud laugh from the fellow that sat beside him, “You should see your face before. It was hilarious! I hope I took a photo of it before or better a video!”

At first, Kyuhyun was stupefied, after he understood the scene; now, it was Kyuhyun’s turn to be irritated, “Now, you are laughing at me too?! It was so embarrassing!” he stated while he kicked Jongwoon’s legs continuously.

The laughed died down into a giggles, “It’s your fault though, I gave you a hint to get off from the trolley already, yet you didn’t listen.” Still aggravated by Jongwoon’s laugh, Kyuhyun casted a scowl towards Jongwoon, “Who are you? My mother?”

But then not too long after that, Kyuhyun snickered, “Why was it so funny now?” and Jongwoon’s laugh was back too, “See! Maybe because it was too embarrassing?” Kyuhyun nodded, “Maybe…” he gazed at Jongwoon, and “My buttock bones hurt.” He said while faking a sulk. Then their laugh was off once again.

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