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Daily Love; Daily Life | Back Hug

Title: Daily Love; Daily Life
Chapter: 03. Back hug
Author: babycloudy
Inspired by: Puuung grafolio illustration
Characters: Jongwoon; Kyuhyun
Genres: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life
Rating: PG
Words: 1006
Summary: All he wants is eating lunch at home, is it really?
Disclaimer: Not beta-ed. All errors are mine.

Back hug-

After Kyuhyun woke up, they went to the university by walked besides the long quiet river that has a green grass on its sideways. That morning wasn’t so cold because the warm sun lastly made its appearance to warm up a finale of winter gust.

The lecture that they had that day would be an art class. They were majoring in music, but since they were on the last two semesters, they had done almost all the music subjects available. So, they took a break from music by selecting one subject and tried an art class. They didn’t know as to why they were taking it nor considered that they might fail the course.

The three hours class went overly smooth and too brief for their liking. The students love the professor and the session. She was young, kind, and a prodigy in arts, yet she gave a real understandable explanations, so that even the people who doesn’t know how to draw can be stupefied at how good their drawing ability was.

Jongwoon and Kyuhyun were pleased to chose the course because not only it was a new thing to them, the professor also spent sometime to change their perspective towards ‘art is hard’, she motivates them, and even gave some life sharing and advice. For a first day in class in the new semester, that was a really an enjoyable lecture, and hopefully it could be as fun as today for the rest of the semester.

That day, Jongwoon and Kyuhyun only had that one class, so they had free time for the remaining day, and chose to go back home instead wandered around to the downtown. That was because the orientation event had taken almost their entire day for about a month in university and they spent less time relaxing or basically just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere at home.

Unlocking the main door, and as customary, Kkoming were there to welcomed her two beloved owners. They didn’t meet her since morning, so probably she just came back from her own long escapades, though usually she just hung out with the neighborhood’s dogs. They had a squad, believe it or not.

“Ah, I’m hungry” Kyuhyun mumbled while tossing his backpack on his desk. Jongwoon slung his black coat near the bathroom and chuckled, “Should I cook lunch for us?”

Hearing that made Kyuhyun perked up and smiled, “Yes” while jogged to the pantry. Jongwoon laughed seeing the latter excitement, well Kyuhyun always be so happy to hear food, it didn’t mean he wasn’t excited too though, he was also hungry after all. So the raven-haired man trailed the brunette whose head was now inside the fridge.

Kyuhyun could feel Jongwoon’s presence nearby him, so he turned his head to the right with a fake sniffles that almost burst from his nose. Jongwoon cast a questioning gaze, understood the silent question, Kyuhyun responded, “Nothing to cook.”

Jongwoon sighed, he almost forgot that they were so busy in the past month that they were hardly came and eat at home, “Shall we go for grocery shopping first?”

Jongwoon couldn’t miss the disheartened look on Kyuhyun’s expression, so he asked another question, “Or we can eat outside if you want?” but Kyuhyun shook his head, “Ah, it’s a pain to go grocery shopping or eat outside. We must take the bus for about half an hour to the city. Yet we are not counting the time to wait for the bus or looking around for ingredients or time to order the food.”

Their district was in the suburb area that was why the area was peaceful and quiet. There was one or two convenience stores, but to get to the super or hypermarket or even traditional market, they should have catch a bus to the city, which takes around thirty minutes or so.

“I think I’ll be okay with bread or cereal for today.” Kyuhyun stated already giving up hope to eat a proper lunch at home. Jongwoon took Kyuhyun hand and shush him away from the fridge, “Let me see…” and Jongwoon looked through the fridge, hoped that he could find any ingredients that worth to cook, even how tiny spare left those pieces were.

“Lettuce, cornet, and onion. We can cook and make use of these pretty things, Kyu.” Jongwoon eyed Kyuhyun, “Kyu, go cook the rice!”

Kyuhyun grinned, “Aye!” and skipped when drawing out a rice cooker and hummed while washing the rice. He can have proper lunch, finally!

Jongwoon grabbed the ingredients and placed everything in the counter. He took a pan, started cutting and mixed everything. He didn’t know how it would turned out, but he was better to gave Kyuhyun proper lunch or else he would whine throughout the entire afternoon for being ‘I’m so hungry that I can eat a baby, Jongwoon!’

Of course Kyuhyun was the first to finished cooking, it was just rice. Now that he just needed to wait the rice to be ready, he observed at Jongwoon who was so busy concentrating cutting the onion. He then approached Jongwoon quietly and cuddled him from behind, “So, what are you making?”

Jongwoon hummed and replied without stopping the cut, “I’m not sure, I just put everything in. At least it can fill your big belly!”

Kyuhyun grinned. He set his chin on Jongwoon’s shoulder and giggled giving Jongwoon a shiver, yet he squeezed Jongwoon slightly tighter without suffocating and bothered Jongwoon from his work, he still needed his food, “Actually, it doesn’t matter if we go grocery shopping or eating out today. But, ever since we were so busy with the orientation, I just missed spending time like this.” And smiled.

Jongwoon chuckled, he placed the onion together with the mixed lettuce and cornet that sizzled delightfully in the pan, and stirred it up for a while before he looked back and smiled at Kyuhyun, “From your disappointed expression before…” he eyed at Kyuhyun while Kyuhyun stared back at him with affections, he continued “…I know that much.”

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