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Daily Love; Daily Life | Waking Up

Title: Daily Love; Daily Life
Chapter: 02. Waking Up
Author: babycloudy
Inspired by: Puuung grafolio illustration
Characters: Jongwoon; Kyuhyun
Genres: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life - might changes as chapter goes
Rating | Words: PG | 875
Summary: It was a job to wake him up
Disclaimer: Not beta-ed. All errors are mine.

Waking up-

The sunrays peek through the rift of the brown colored blinds. Jongwoon glanced over his half lidded right eye, only to close it again tried to sleep through the day, however his senses had been completely awake. That made him moaned quietly. He rolled his body to made himself lay on the bed properly and placed his right hand at the top of his eyes.

His fatigue from yesterday was gone; it was replaced by the full freshness and spirit to start the day. He turned his head to the right and saw the clock that displayed a 6:30 AM on its board. Then he turned his head to his left and saw Kyuhyun in his drooling beauty. He sniggered and searched for his phone that he tossed last night under his pillow, he sensed that it should be around there. Once he got it, he clicked his tongue when he saw all notifications that he missed since he fell asleep last night. Decided that he would saw and replied some later, he searched for an application that could capture the adorable pond of Kyuhyun’s drools instead. He giggled at the picture he just took, and put the phone on sleep mode.

He sat up and opened the curtains made a warm light came lighten up the room, also opened the windows to allowed the fresh winter breeze. The air wasn’t so cold that morning, probably because the winter is about to end or perhaps just because the sun. The sound of birds twittering made him smile; even some of the birds were settled over the railing of their balcony. The scent of freshly baked pie from the pastry store just three blocks away from the house reached its nose, what a great aroma to wake up every morning.

Even though the wind wasn’t that cold, it still made Kyuhyun shivered a bit. His legs unconsciously searched for the blanket that he kicked around during his sleep and once he found it, his legs found its own way inside the blanket and his hand pulled the rest of the blanket to cover his shoulder.

Jongwoon shook his head and smiled, he saw that manner pretty often, but he couldn’t stop to think that that was somehow cute. He marched away from the window, and went to the kitchen. He made simple bacon and eggs for today’s breakfast. He also made himself a cup of black coffee; he would make one for Kyuhyun too, but Kyuhyun loves his coffee served hot, so Jongwoon decided to make it after Kyuhyun was up.

Using his slippers, he went out to grab the newspaper and letter bills, and went back to sat in the dining room. While waiting for Kyuhyun to woke up, he read the newspaper thought that he might found any interesting news, but until the last pages he found none. He put the newspaper away, sipped his coffee while looked through the window. He could see the reflection of the clock showed 7:15 AM, and thought that Kyuhyun must woke up now or they were going to be late.

He walked back to the bedroom and found Kyuhyun still peacefully sleeping. Jongwoon didn’t want to wake him up since he didn’t know what time Kyuhyun got back and finally asleep last night, alas he had to, because today was the start of the new semester, and they cannot be late. They don’t want to ruin the good reputation they had in the university just because one time they were late, moreover because they weren’t woke up on time. It would be embarrassing.

“Kyuhyun, wakie wakie…” Jongwon poked Kyuhyun’s nose. Sighed when he didn’t even received a single flinch. “You are drowning on your own drools by the way.” And started to shook the brunette’s shoulder.

“Kyuhyun, wake up.” Well, another reason as to why Jongwoon didn’t want to wake Kyuhyun up was because Kyuhyun is a super duper heavy sleeper. “Ngh…” at least now he got a response.

“We will be late for our first class if you don’t wake up. You haven’t eat and brush your teeth yet.” Jongwoon now tried to yank the blanket away. Exasperated, “No breakfast and dinner for a week, I’m taking your games, and I will not talking to you for a week.” Jongwoon threaten.

Unfortunately those threats didn’t even go to Kyuhyun’s ears, “Kyu.hyun. Wake. Up!” Jongwoon pulled Kyuhyun’s hands to make the brunette sat up. Kyuhyun groaned, “Hng, alright alright. I’m up.” But then he went back to sleep in his sitting position.

Jongwoon grumbled, “Wake up and hug me…” he tried the final straw by using his almost crying face and quivered voice, and that simple things made Kyuhyun opened his eyes while grinned, “C’me h’re…” Kyuhyun said sluggishly while opened up his hands widely, welcoming Jongwoon.

The raven-haired man embraced Kyuhyun and relishing his warmth, “Come on. Wake up, will you? Your drools smell!” Kyuhyun laughed, “Loading is done.”

“What are you? Computer Windows 98 that took that long to wake up?” Jongwoon inquired not hiding his irritated voice and hit Kyuhyun’s back lightly.

“At least I’m up, don’t I?” Kyuhyun laughed again. Jongwoon breathed and smiled, and without breaking their hugs he whispered, “Good morning.”

A/N: All stories can be read alone and could be read not in order.

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  • I want to thank all readers who had read. I also want to thank for those who had read and comment. It means a world to me. Doing come back was pretty terrifying, especially when I admit there are tons of author who are better than me. So, your supports are the greatest encouragement.

  • Even though I had prepared to write for several chapters, but when I received few response, I thought that I should just stop and should try to think another plot. But, I'm happy three to four people actually like it, so for those four people (I'm not mentioning), my plan to keep updating this story is dedicated to you, and I promise I will put more words and interactions in the next chapter.

  • Jongwoon and Kyuhyun characters might be a bit OOC (out of character); the reason behind because I was influenced by some characters from several anime and manga, lol.

  • Yes! This story is actually a challenge for me since this genre and plot and everything are not so my type to write. But it has been so long since I want to try to write something new; something like this. As you can see, this is slice of life. The plot will look like kind of slowly progressing, when actually I just write a day to day real life experiences. I think that will be sweeter and easier to read and imagine. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! :D

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