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Daily Love; Daily Life | Blanket

Title: Daily Love; Daily Life
Chapter: 01. Blanket
Author: babycloudy
Inspired by: Puuung grafolio illustration
Characters: Jongwoon; Kyuhyun
Genres: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Friendship - might changes as chapter goes
Rating: PG
Words: 1,078
Summary: The exhaustion made him sleep without blanket
Note: Not beta-ed. I am desperately in need for beta reader, I will be so glad to get any help.


It was an exhausting day for Jongwoon, not only he needed to prepare for his own performance during the orientation, as the vice president of the student assosiation he also needed to help his roommate which is the president of the student assosiation – Kyuhyun, to organised the entire orientation event. His workloads were almost as the same weight as Kyuhyun. However, as the president, Kyuhyun got the privilege to had a secretary, which means Jongwoon's workloads were a bit more loaded compare to Kyuhyun.

He was now hungry, drained, and felt stinks. Right when he unlocked the door, a fuzzy black and white fur welcomed him by hopped around his legs while wagging its tail. Jongwoon smiled, seeing at how happy his puppy was to see his master after being left alone for a day. Jongwoon placed his shoes on the shoe rack and walked inside the house.

Kyuhyun and Jongwoon bought the house on credit, and they decided to choose this house despite it was being somewhat big just because it looks so comfortable inside out. Outside, it looks like a wood type of house; it has a garden that filled with daisy and sunflowers on summer, cyclamen during winter, and an old big cherry blossom tree on springtime. The house itself has plenty of windows, so it doesn't look like a haunted house, and the trees that were planted around made the inside house wasn't boiling throughout summer.

The house just has one level, starts from the middle main wood door, once you entered, you will find a shoe rack. Then, you will see two separated areas. The kitchen that has a long counter for the dishwashers, stove, oven, coffee maker, and a microwave, then one simple dining table for two was positioned alongside the window that filled with cactus at the bottom of the frame.

The other is a living room, which has one TV with its supplementary stuffs such as PlayStation, home theatre, tape, and big racks for DVDs. The space has one large white fluffy recliner and in front of it, was a table that currently has one red cyclamen pick on the top and one big brown mat covering almost the entire area.

To the right from the main door, there is one small closed room which was separated into two rooms, the first is a bathroom that only has a closet, sink, and a shower, and the other side was for laundry.

Besides the bathroom, there were large shelves that covered the wall filled with books. Not too far from that, there was a place to work, all Jongwoon's and Kyuhyun's stationaries, desks, a guitar, and a keyboard.

Straight ahead from that place, it was where their beds are, including their puppy's bed. The room has a window that look through the backyard that has a place for laundry and small Japanese pond.

The house looks comfortable and lavish with beige painted walls. They got it at fairly cheap value since the former owner was their best friend, which was they grateful for.

Jongwoon went straight to the pantry and took a box from the upper closet, opened it, and placed some of its contain into a bowl. Once he placed everything back on its place, he took the bowl and laid it on the floor to let the fluffy thing eat.

He wanted to cook whilst waiting for his roomie got back, except he was too lazy and decided to take a shower instead.

Jongwoon sighed after he was out from the bathroom, and went back to his room. He chuckled when he saw his puppy, Kkoming, who was now made herself comfortable on his bed. Eyeing at his puppy plus the freshness from the shower made him drowsy and somehow he felt beyond exhausted than he already was. He strolled to his bed, tossed his phone to someplace he didn't bother memorize, and nuzzled himself off near Kkoming. At the count of seconds, he was out.


Immediately after the orientation was over, Kyuhyun approached his lecturer for tomorrow's new term preparations. That was why he reached at his shared home around nine at night, which was so late because Kyuhyun and Jongwoon made a promise to at least try to arrived at home before dinner. That promise was made to ensure that even if they didn't see each other in the morning or afternoon because of each business are different, they could still meet and talk to each other during dinner. They don't want to loose communication just because one is too busy to spare time.

Kyuhyun set his shoes in the shoe shelf and noticed that his roommate’s shoes were there. Though the one that made him confused was the silence that greeted him. He didn't see any fur ball welcomed and wandered upon his arrival. The light in the living room and dining room are on, yet no sound from the TV or a clink of plate or a sound from the dishwasher.

He checked the kitchen, and no foods were served in the table, and all plates were dry which means that Jongwoon hadn't eat yet, but he saw Kkoming's bowl scattered on the ground, and Jongwoon wasn't a type to left things in mess. Kyuhyun hummed, he knew that Jongwoon would be too tired to cook, eat, and clean up everything.

So, he decided to check their room. He took a peek before he opened the door fully and saw the full view of the room. He smiled at the sight, where Jongwoon snuggled on himself while Kkoming slept besides Jongwoon. He noticed the slightly wet hair that Jongwoon didn't even bother to dry up his hair after shower. Though he squinted his eyes a bit at the intense icy breeze, Jongwoon must had been forgot to turn on the heater.

Looking at Jongwoon's serene sleeping face made him smile. He ruffled Jongwoon's messy hair lightly and pecked his left cheek, "You need a blanket if you don't want to get sick, silly. You should have turn on the heater at least." Kyuhyun said it even though he fully aware that the latter won't hear a single thing. He then pulled the blanket over Jongwoon, took Kkoming and put the puppy on her own bed, closed the curtains, turn on and adjusted the temperature of the heater, turned off the lights, and turn on the night lamp.

"Good night." He whispered into the night winter air.

A/N: It is nice to be back again. The little bunny from my head finally decided to let go of my brain, and here I am start writing again. Anyway, I have been away from writing fan-fictions for about two to three years, my ability to write and even my English grammar becomes shit and just went somewhere in the deep ocean. I planned to write this chaptered fan-fictions, I still don't know how many chapters needed, and I don't have exact plan on how regular my updates will be. Though I would appreciate it very much if anyone is willing to team up with and help me as a beta reader. Message me, okay? But if I there is none, then please endure the tons of mistakes I am and will make in the story. Still the same as an old me, criticisms and suggestions are welcomed.

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