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The made up boy ● 4th

Title: The made up boy

Author: babycloudy
Chapter: 4/?
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun, bestfriend!Yesung/Siwon, slight!Eunhyuk/Donghae, parents!girl!Heechul/Hankyung, parents!Kangin/girl!Leeteuk
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: Gender switch for Heechul and Leeteuk | Grammatical errors.
Disclaimer: The idea was from my sister's keeper
Summary: He was made to be used. To be controlled. To be nothing.

☁ ☁ ☁

"Jongwoon!!!" someone shouted and ran over them.
"Siwon." Jongwoon mumbled back, and now Kyuhyun know, 'Oh, is that his best friend? Siwon, huh?'

"Oh God, I miss you..." Siwon said and hugged Jongwoon tight. Jongwoon hugged Siwon back, "I miss you too."

Siwon released his hug and noticed someone who stand beside Jongwoon, "Ah, Siwon, this is Kyuhyun, my boyfriend and Kyuhyun, this is my very very best friend, Siwon." Jongwoon said.

Kyuhyun and Siwon gave each other polite bow and introduced them self, then Jongwoon asked, "If you don't mind, could you leave us together, Kyu?" and Kyuhyun nodded.
Kyuhyun leaves Siwon and Jongwoon alone as him self tried to look around the city park which he never been before, but he managed to always took a glance over Siwon and Jongwoon. To be honest, Kyuhyun really wants to join their conversation, he wants to know, but he restrained him self. 

"So, I left you and you already have a boyfriend?" Siwon teased.
"I think trying wouldn't hurt right, Siwon?" Jongwoon asked.
Siwon smiled, "Of course not, Jongwoon. So, how is it going? How long have you been with him?"
"One month? Almost two now and everything seems fine." Jongwoon answered.
Siwon nodded, "That's good. Make your self happy, Jongwoon."

Then they fell in silence. Siwon looked at Jongwoon and sighed, "Jongwoon, what is it?"
Jongwoon raised his head which had been bowed all the time, "What? I just miss you, can't I just miss my best friend?"
Siwon nodded lazily, "Yea, I miss you too, but I know something else had happened! What is it? Don't act like I don't know you, Jongwoon."

Siwon pulled up Jongwoon's sleeves, nothing. Siwon pulled up Jongwoon's pants, nothing. Then Siwon looked straight to Jongwoon's eyes sharply, "Where?"
Jongwoon shook his head, "None." and with that Siwon couldn't restrain him self, he was angry, "Fuck! Just tell me Jongwoon!! WHERE?!!"

Kyuhyun saw Siwon pulled up Jongwoon's sleeves and pants, but Kyuhyun didn't understand and let it be. When Siwon snapped at Jongwoon, Kyuhyun wants to ran and asked them what's happen, but Kyuhyun thought that it will be better if he stayed and saw what will happen next, after all Siwon and Jongwoon is a best pal, there will be no way they will hurt each other, wouldn't they?

Jongwoon bowed his head low and mumbled quietly, "Hips..."
Siwon's eyes were wide open, he pulled up Jongwoon's shirt a little and held his breath for a moment. He adjusted Jongwoon's shirt and looked at Jongwoon sadly, "Oh Jongwoon, no..."
This time Jongwoon throw his self in Siwon's embrace, he hugged Siwon like there is no tomorrow and cried, "It's hurt, Siwon..."
Siwon stroked Jongwoon's hair, "I know..."

After Jongwoon calming him self down, Siwon asked, "Mind to tell me the reasons why they need to do that?"
Jongwoon nodded and told everything.
Siwon just shook his head in disbelieved, "Still hurt?" and Jongwoon nodded.
"Is it bleeding?" Siwon's asked once again.
"Yes before...I hope it won't bleeding again..." Jongwoon answered in the middle his sobs.
Siwon nodded, "I hope so. Just take the medicine properly, okay?" and Jongwoon only nodded once again.

Kyuhyun didn't understand why Siwon needs to pull up Jongwoon's shirt, he wanted to know! When Jongwoon hugged Siwon and cried, Kyuhyun really had a tough time battling his inner self. He just really wants to ran and asked, but still Kyuhyun doesn't move an inch from his place.

"Does he know all about this things, Jongwoon?" Siwon asked and Jongwoon shook his head, "I know he will left me oneday."
Siwon tightened his hug, "No, he won't. Trust me. You were made to live. You are made to be something, someone. You are not something that can be used for other people advantages." and Jongwoon just feel calm when Siwon said that.

☁ ☁ ☁

Siwon went back to his house with a blank face.
"Siwon, I'm searching for you!!" Heechul shouted angrily.
"Sorry, I went to the park." Siwon answered and throw his body into the couch, "At least you tell me! You made me freak out! Anyway, what are you doing in the park?"
"I met Jongwoon, mom." Siwon answered.

"Why don't he come to our house? It would be more comfortable and I miss him too." Heechul said.
"He was with his boyfriend." Siwon said.
Heechul was surprised, "Oh, he has a boyfriend already? That's good!"
Siwon nodded and closed his eyes, "Sadly, he keep everything as a secret from his boyfriend."
Heechul throw a deep breath, "I know. Not everyone can accept that things, I perfectly understand why he hides himself from his boyfriend. Anyway, how is he? Good?"
Siwon shook his head and Heechul understood, "Where now?"
Siwon opened his eyes, "Hips. He said it was hurt and bleeding, he even can't do anything for eight days due to complications."

Heechul massaging his temples, "This is getting crazy. He just sixteen years old boy. I think I need to do something..."
Siwon nodded in agreement, "You should, mom. You and dad is a lawyer, you can help. Jongwoon....he deserved happiness, he has been suffering for a long time."
Heechul nodded in understanding, "I will talk to your dad once he gets home. Now get your ass out and help with all those laundry!"

☁ ☁ ☁

They walked home in silence.
"Kyu, can I ask you something?" Jongwoon asked and Kyuhyun nodded, "Yes, go on..."

"W...why do you like me? Why do you want me to be your boyfriend?"
Kyuhyun thought for a moment, "I don't know, I just feel it! I just like you since the first, there is something inside you that I want to know."

"Do I really deserved happiness?" Jongwoon asked that made Kyuhyun stop in his tracks.
Jongwoon also stopped walking, then Kyuhyun hug Jongwoon from behind, "I don't know what happen, but every people deserve happiness, Jongwoon."

"Really? Even though he or she wasn't ordinary people? Even though he or she wasn't born because God wants that person to be born?"
Kyuhyun nodded, "Superhero deserved happiness, even animals and plants deserved it. Happiness is not for special creatures, happiness is for all of them, as long they have feeling and can feel it, not like dolls, robots, or mannequins. You know, many people now did an abortion. You know abortion right?" Kyuhyun asked and Jongwoon only nodded, "Why suddenly this topic change to be abortion, Kyu?" Jongwoon asked.

Kyuhyun smiled, "Many people killing the baby because they don't want to raised it. When some people can't have a baby, but try to make one even not pure from sex. They made it and raised it, and finally, that baby become a person, a person that need to be happy too. So, everybody deserved happiness. But, the important thing here, maybe I don't have any idea what'd happen or what your problem is, but I care about you Jongwoon. If you can open your little heart and tell me if you have problem, I will be here, I will gladly help you and I will try my best to make you happy." 

"Do you have any other questions Mr. Jongwoon?" Kyuhyun asked trying to throw all the tensed that Jongwoon had since morning.
Then Jongwoon shook his head and continue their walking. Jongwoon never show any happy expressions in his face, but at that time, his heart is really warm, calm, and happy when he knows that Siwon and Kyuhyun are in his side, are sincerely caring. He thought, maybe as long Siwon and Kyuhyun are with him, he will keep on trying and maybe he could get what he really deserved to get.

to be continued » » »

A/N: hehe, doing this in the middle of the lecture XD Okay, I think now I know that I can't write long chapters! *shame on me* ;~~~; it just, I don't understand why my brain seem to be stop thinking after 100ish words T^T and with that I guess this fic wouldn't be a short chaptered fic, lmao, I'm sorry for that >/\< .... 

Tags: baby heechul, baby kyuhyun, baby siwon, baby yesung
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