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Daily Love; Daily Life | Opening

Title: Daily Love; Daily Life
Chapter: 00. Opening - glimpse of both main characters
Author: babycloudy
Inspired by: Puuung grafolio illustration
Characters: Updated on the next chapter
Genres: Fluff, Slice of Life - updated as chapter goes
Rating: PG
Words: 401
Summary: Simple opening before opening the next chapter
Note: I am desperately in need of beta for this chaptered fan-fics. I will be so glad if you are willing to help me.


People were assembling over the auditorium hall for they need to get an orientation before the new semester starts. The auditorium was filled with new university students who assumed that they were going to have an adult like experience like hanging out with friends in the bars or clubs, or possibly they should not worry if they want to skip classes. A freshmen thought.

The hall was just like a cinema, the difference was they were not showing movies in this theater. Yet, they were glad that they are inside a warm theater hall; well at least they were not standing and freezing in the some courtyard.

A tall man stood in the corner of the room to avoid any unnecessary attentions, but it was not working very well since nearly all female students tried to steal a glint towards the man. How can they not when he has attractive features, and those wavy chocolate brown locks of him looked so fluffy and styled nicely. His fashion sense was good enough to showed his slightly well build body. Overlooking the concealed attentions he caught, he stood proud to ensure the orientation went well.

The female students interests and the male students boredom were taken away the moment a guy walked to the podium, thanking the lecturer for all of his information regarding the university and module before he took over the mike and said, "You all now probably bored, aren't you? So, I think, it is enough for all the university stuff and now I am here to lighten up a bit of your mood." by singing one remix current popular song.

The freshmen thought that it will be just another performance, and it would not kill their boredom at all. However, how wrong they were when they were stunned hearing his husky voice. It was soothing and just simply relaxing. It seems that the girls have another guy to catch a glimpse on.

The new students still had so much time to kill before they could end the day, except most of the girls even the boys had found their interest. Those two charming guys who were now chatting and laughing with each other near the back door appeared so charismatic and they were wondering who were those two guys?

Well step aside you don't need to wonder. You will know them real close as you see their daily life.

A/N: I know this opening is rubbish. I don't even know what and how to write, lol. That was why I decided to post the opening alongside the next chapter. The next chapter hopefully can pay up your disappointment a little bit? perhaps? Well...........

to be continue | next chapter 01. Blanket
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