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Title: Dream sand
Event: Christmas
Author: babycloudy
Characters: Jongwoon; Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Kangin, Siwon
AU: Rise of The Guardians | Jack Frost!Jongwoon, Bunnymund!Kyuhyun, Sandy!Ryeowook, North!Kangin, Yeti!Siwon
Genre: Drabble, Crack, Fluff
Rating: G
Words count: 850
Disclaimer: Inspired and story drabble credit to CaramelBread
Summary: They want to help. Rejected. Sleep. Then...?

Ꭰream Ꮪand

Christmas will be in the next two weeks, and of course Kangin is busy as he has the role for bringing presents to all child in the world during Christmas. No difference with Siwon, Kangin’s helper, he is responsible to make all toys and wrap it nicely with the help of his other friends.

Jongwoon, who is just joining the Guardians for almost two years, now thinking that perhaps he could help Kangin. So, he knocks on Kyuhyun’s rabbit hole and says, “Hey Kyu! Shall we help Kangin? Or maybe we can ask Siwon if we can help him with anything.”

Since Jongwoon joined the Guardians two years ago, Kyuhyun somehow feels really comfortable, well, not exactly comfortable especially when every time they meet they just start fighting, racing, and overall bickering. Though all those fights are all friendly and affectionate pranks, which are fun if Jongwoon says it. Kyuhyun is not one of a helpful person from the very beginning however he agrees to Jongwoon’s idea because he is currently in the middle of dying from boredom, and he still has so much time before he starts preparing for Easter.

When Jongwoon and Kyuhyun arrive at the Pole – where Kangin and Siwon work, a place where all Guardians held a meeting, they meet Ryeowook who has just finished creating sweet beautiful dreams for children. Ryeowook, who is mute, just speaks using his dream sand asking as to why both Jongwoon and Kyuhyun are there at the Pole.

Jongwoon just making a face and says, “What? I can’t stay here?” and Ryeowook just shakes his head meaning that it was not what he meant, and Jongwoon giggles, “I know, I’m just teasing you, Wookie. Me and Kyu are thinking to help Kangin and Siwon making toys and presents for Christmas, so do you want to join?” and Ryeowook nods eagerly.

Then, Jongwoon knocks on Kangin’s door and a brief come in was heard from the inside. Jongwoon opens the door carefully, “What do you want, Jongwoon?” Kangin asks while still concentrating on whatever the ice, toy, or present he makes.

“Uh, nothing. Me, Kyu, and Wookie here are thinking that maybe we can help you with anything. Making toys? Or… wrapping presents perhaps?” Jongwoon said. The only reply they get is a soft hmm and, “Just ask Siwon if he needs anything. You can’t help here because all the toys that I create in this room really need specific skills.”

“You sure? If it’s about making something from ice, I’m the expert, y’know…” Jongwoon offers, but Kangin just reply with, “No, just help Siwon if you all really wanna help. I think I can finish this before dinner time anyway.”

Do not have any other option, Jongwoon, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook go out from the room and find Siwon on the pile of robots downstairs, “SIWON!”. Siwon who surprised just jumps out from his seat and lost his grips in in-progress-robot that almost finish. Then, Siwon just send a deathly glare towards Kyuhyun who were shouting his name previously and now sending a really devilish smirk, which annoyed the hell out of Siwon.

“Yow! Shall we help ya with anythin’ there, mate?” Kyuhyun asks in his Australian accent, and Siwon grunts, “No! Just get out of this place and let me work in peace.” Due to his muscled and giant posture, he could easily grabs Jongwoon, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook altogether and throw them out of the door.

Jongwoon pouts, “Man! If only you didn’t surprise him, we might actually be able to help them with anything. I’m always curious as to how they can make those robots!” and Kyuhyun grins, “Heh, but I’m sure yer almost laughin’ when ya see his shocked face!”

Jongwoon takes a slight peek to Kyuhyun’s and Ryeowook’s eyes, and when their eyes met, they are laughing, “No one can beat Siwon’s shocked face!” Jongwoon laughs, and then they can hear a, “Shut up! I can hear you!!” from inside the door, on which it makes another round of laughter from those silly trio.

“Maaaan, I’m boreeeeeeeeeed.” Jongwoon sits on Kyuhyun’s lap. They decide that they will wait for Kangin and Siwon to finish working before dinner, because suddenly they crave for Siwon’s famous steamy soup, which is mouthwatering. Then suddenly Ryeowook has an idea, why don't they just put Jongwoon to sleep? Since Jongwoon is the only person in this whole world who couldn’t stand any type of boredom. If he reaches his limit, which is maximum ten minutes, then the whole North Pole, well scratch that; whole children in the world will be in trouble because then he will play pranks here and there.

Poof! Ryeowook put dream sand to Jongwoon’s head and Jongwoon fell asleep in an instant, and Kyuhyun does not mind to be Jongwoon’s pillow. But then Jongwoon has a really big goofy grins appearing in his face, and suddenly the dream sand above his head turns into forms. Little by little the shape gets clearer, and it makes Ryeowook simply giggling while Kyuhyun blushing to no end and, “Yo Jongwoon! Wake up! (@*#&)!(@*&*()&”

Well… it is a shape of Kyuhyun and Jongwoon kissing, obviously.
                                                                                                                                                        end -

A/N: Merry Christmas everyone!
A/N 2: Sorry for me being a dick as I do not know how to write fan-fiction anymore and as I'm just mixing up every fandom that I have been and currently 'diving' into. This is like fan-fiction into fan-fiction. I'm tempted to do this kind of AU or crossover with some anime like Kuroko no Basket and Shingeki no Kyojin, but this one is already scares the hell out of me, so I will think thrice if I want to do this kind of thing anymore. Though, it is all depends on what are you guys gonna chocked me up under the squishes. Ciao!

Tags: baby kangin, baby kyuhyun, baby ryeowook, baby siwon, baby yesung

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