stromboli (babycloudy) wrote,

Huge Friend-Cut

Hello everyone!!

I’m content and actually amazed that I have so many friends here ^^ I’m happy to have you all here supporting and loving me.

I’m sorry to say this, but I will do a really huge friend cut starting from next week. I believed that most of you added me only to read my locked fics, and once you’ve done reading, you’ll forget. Moreover, I’m sure that my fics weren’t that worthy for some people, and I supposed they might not even bother to read mine anymore. My new fics are always on public view for three days anyway, I think that’s enough for you to read before I lock it up :)

Therefore, I’m just keeping the people that I know (personally), my beloved beta reader, and some of you who always been with me.

For those of you that I just added back several weeks ago, don’t worry, I will keep you because I’m sure you haven’t complete reading my locked fics yet, but I might doing another friend cut either next month or next year (depends on when I'm free) ^^

I’m pleased to have a chance to be friend with you all. It has been my big pleasure. See you! ^^



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